Weathered Wall Boards


White Wash

A rustic designer look to accent any room in your home.

Nominal Size: 1/2” X 4” X 36” / Actual Size: 3/8” X 3-7/8” X 36″
*Natural Hardwood dimensions may vary.

Our Weathered Wall Boards offer a designer look that brings the beautiful impression of naturally distressed wood indoors. Made from new Solid Hardwoods, these boards provide options for décor that include a rich variety of natural wood tones; neutral shades of white; cool, coastal grays; warm, golden hues; and deep charcoal colors. Installation is easy.

  • Easy to Install
  • Solid Hardwood
  • Reversible
  • Authentic Saw Marks
  • Weathered
  • Made in the USA

The process for coloring our product is all natural and Eco-friendly, free of hazardous chemicals or solvents.
The paint used on our product is low VOC.
*Due to the natural characteristics of the Hardwood Boards gaps may appear


Nantucket Gray

Weathered Hardwood