Oak & Poplar Mouldings

Our Oak and Poplar Moulding program offers a variety of profiles that will suite your project needs. Both species are great for staining. Oak is consistent in color with a finer texture and distinctive grain pattern while Poplar’s unique grain pattern makes it an excellent choice to match other hardwood species such as: Cherry, Maple, […]

Maple S4S Boards

For years Maple has been a solid choice for building quality higher end furniture and cabinetry. With its fine consistent grain and clean uniform appearance, Maple is excellent for staining. It can also be used as a substitute to resemble other species, such as Cherry and Birch. Because of its fine grain, Maple can also […]

Primed Finger Joint Poplar S4S Boards

Looking to eliminate the time it takes to prime your boards before installing them? Our Primed FJ Poplar has a sophisticated, oven-cured coating developed by PPG to bring a factory-controlled high quality primed finish to our S4S boards. This is an excellent solution to reduce your prep time and provide a quality product for that […]

Poplar S4S Boards

This versatile species offers a variety of wood working properties. Poplar is often preferred as a higher-end alternative to Pine. Favored by millwork houses and craftsmen, Poplar is nonresinous, allowing minimal grain raising and bleed through when primed and painted. It stains well and its unique grain pattern allows matching of many fine hardwoods such as: Cherry, Maple, Birch and […]

Oak S4S Boards

Preferred by professional contractors, remodelers and Do-It-Yourselfer’s, our Oak boards are excellent for making furniture, cabinets and other home projects. Northern Red Oak is known for its consistent color, finer texture and distinctive grain patterns. Having excellent woodworking properties, Red Oak also accepts a wide variety of stains that offers a great look when finished. […]


For over 30 years ChoiceWood® has been working with its customers to provide them with quality hardwood products. Our sales team and dedicated staff are hard at work to ensure we meet our customer’s needs in a timely manner. If you have any questions or want to place an order, please feel free to contact […]

ChoiceWood® History

In 1984, ChoiceWood® started out as a small remanufacturing facility known as “Redi-To-Use”. Located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, we benefited from a region renowned for its Appalachian Hardwoods. This allowed us to harvest local timber known for its excellent color and quality appearance. The high-grade lumber helped us produce 100% usable Red Oak, Poplar and Soft […]


Our selection of S4S hardwood products and mouldings are an excellent choice for any contractor, remodeler and Do-It-Yourselfer. This Oak, Poplar and Maple is harvested locally for its excellent color and quality appearance and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility. Our qualified staff adhere to a strict code of standards ensuring […]